This Year, Halloween Fell On A Weekend…Filled With Music & Mischief

Nov 03, 2015 by Breezy Brainstorm - 0 Comments


Last weekend, #CriticalHaze went Trick-or-Treatin’ for a second time in the group’s follow-up EP, All Hallows Eve Part 2: Halloween Havoc.  The Philadelphia duo, consisting of emcees Danny CloudSmoke & Breezy Brainstorm, find themselves maneuvering through a series of unfortunate events on their way to a Halloween Party. Check out the description and the EP via Soundcloud below.

Critical Haze is back with a new Halloween Adventure. After a rap battle gone awry, the Hazey Boys find themselves being chased by cops, drugged at a party by Scarecrow, and many more adventures. Word has it that only a special herb can reverse the effects. With beats and lyrics from Breezy Brainstorm and Danny CloudSmoke, can they survive this Halloween night?!?!