Future Funk Flow 04: STLNDRMS

Mar 28, 2017 by Breezy Brainstorm - 0 Comments

Future Funk Flow 04: STLNDRMS

Link: http://bit.ly/FutureFunkFlow04
Yo, yo! Welcome to episode four of Future Funk Flow! I hope ya’ll are as excited as I am to head down south! Follow me down to A-Town as we enter the world of STLNDRMS. How refreshing it is to stumble across authentic Boom Bap Lofi vibes in a land where the sound of the trap reigns supreme. This talented brotha is also the host of his own live streamed show on Facebook entitled “Beats + Chill”. I’ve tuned in a number of times and it is absolute fire, a music lovers dream (both the show and the music!) So kick back, relax and enjoy the positive energy that STLNDRMS has to offer the world. RetroFutureFlow.
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