FTR 06: *Funky Tech Radio EXCLUSIVE* Crates Complexion Character

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Funky Tech Radio Ep 06: Crates Complexion Character

**Funky Tech Radio EXCLUSIVE!**
Episode 6 of Funky Tech Radio provides you with an #EXCLUSIVE look into Chapter 3 of The Beat Treatise: Crates Complexion Character.
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Chapter 3: Crates Complexion Character
Many of us traverse through life without a solid grasp of true empathy for others, nor the true understanding of who they are beyond the layers of programming that we receive on a daily basis.
Chapter 3 of The Beat Treatise continues our journey through the mental complexities of human life via sound waves. Take this time to reflect on yourself – dig deep and explore your mind, spirit and soul. Get in touch with your virtues and cultivate your character: it’s one of the few things in this life that we can control.

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