Celebrate The Roots’ 20th Anniversary Of Their Major Label Debut With…

Oct 26, 2015 by Breezy Brainstorm - 0 Comments
The Roots at the Kool Haus nightclub in Toront...

The Roots at the Kool Haus nightclub in Toronto, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do You Want More?!!!??! When it comes to The Roots, your answer should either be:

A) Yes please!

B) Why’d you ask me that question? or

C) *Scratches neck*

Which ever option you chose, the Illa Fifth crew has a treat in store for us all! But first, allow me to address the reason for celebration. Over the weekend (October 24th to be exact), The Roots’ major label debut album Do You Want More?!!!??! reached its 20th anniversary of blessing hip hop heads with organic hip hop jazz. Yes, this album is indeed a blessing. A blessing that I’ve eagerly spoken about in the past.

Now, to further ascend our ear drums into the heavens of hip hop antiquity, The Roots are providing their listeners with a Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Blue Vinyl Reissue with T-Shirt bundle option. Can you really pass up such a classic album, now with added warmth, pop and hiss of the illustrious vinyl format? Your answer to that question should be a resounding “no”. Read more about this milestone here.